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Here at FuneralGuardian our mission is to serve as a resource for a time of need. Our website is a single source of information where you can easily navigate and search funeral homes and vendors throughout the funeral industry. We also offer a free memorial feature where you can honor the life of a loved one that you have lost. At FuneralGuardian we are committed to providing answers to any and all questions you have. We now invite you to take a moment to explore our directories and features.

Light a candle for your loved one Light a candle for your loved one

Bring light to the life of the one you have lost. Create a memorial to honor their life, leave a memory or simply light a candle to show you care.

Light a candle for your loved one
Free funeral guide Free funeral guide

Need advice or help on where to start? Read our funeral guide here.


Light a candle for your loved one

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