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Funeral Guide



Some funeral homes offer preplanning packages. When you prearrange your funeral you ensure that the funeral reflects your wishes and that there is sufficient money not to burden your family at the time of death. You will relieve them from making important decisions or face financial concerns at this very stressful time.  FuneralGuardian’s funeral directory can help you find funeral homes that offer the services that best meet your needs. 




Follow these guidelines to help make important decisions at a very difficult time.

Determine if there were arrangements made by the individual in advance. This can be determined through a will or immediate family members of the deceased.

1. Contact the funeral home in which services are to be held.

2. You will need to provide:

a. Full name of the deceased

b. Location of the deceased

c. Name, address and telephone number of the next-of-kin in charge of the funeral arrangements

3. Decide who will be in charge of the funeral arrangements.

4. Check prearrangement information of the deceased.

5. Set up an appointment to complete the details of the funeral arrangements.

6. Prepare the following information to complete the funeral arrangements:

Full legal name of deceased

Home address and phone number

Social Security number of the deceased

Date and Place of birth

Father s name

Mother s maiden name

Name and address and phone number of next of kin

Veteran s discharge papers (DD-214)

Medicaid Number

Job title, name and address of the last employer (dates of employment)

Years of education

Recent photographs

Place of burial, cemetery deed (if applicable)

Church and Clergy information

Survivors (name and relationship)

Insurance policies (if applicable)

Deceased clothing, hair dye, wig, glasses if necessary

Gather obituary information such as memberships held, military service, awards and achievements, list of survivors in immediate family. If you wish the funeral home will write an obituary and submit to the newspapers

Decide on time and place of the funeral/memorial service

Decide on a cremation or a burial location in the USA or overseas.

Decide on number of copies of death certificates you might need

7. Items to consider prior to meeting with the funeral home director:


Chapel, Church or Graveside services

Cemetery plot

Honoraria for clergy/pallbearers/organist



Family transportation

Copies of the death certificates




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